Centre for Gender Studies was founded at the European Humanities University in Minsk in September 1997 with support from John D. and Catherine T. McArthur Foundation. The Centre's activities are also made possible with the help and support from EHU and foundations, institutions of higher education and individuals who release grants, donate books and materials and support faculty participation in international programs.

The Centre seeks to:
  • promote curriculum transformation through gender theory;
  • encourage and support research in gender by faculty, staff, students and independent researchers;
  • encourage and support academic and activist discourse of feminist theory and gender issues in the post-Soviet region.
Research and teaching at the Centre is focused on (but not limited by) the following issues:
  • gender and postcommunism;
  • gender and visual arts;
  • gender and nationalism;
  • memory and war
  • gender and mass communications;
  • feminist philosophy;
  • men’s studies;
  • gender studies in post-Soviet academia;
  • qualitative methods in gender research.
Master's Program offered by the Centre is the only program in the former SU leading to a degree in gender studies. For more information please visit: http://gender-ehu.org/?82_1

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